Sunday, July 27, 2008

Belly at 7 Months

Morning! It's not even 6 a.m. yet, and I'm wide awake (having sent Jaime off to work), so I thought I'd add a few belleh pics since it's looking more impressive these days.

As you can see, it's much more rotund now than it has ever been. Thankfully, I don't have any stretch marks yet, but my belly button is no longer the deep innie I've gotten so attached to (no pun intended).

Look! It's slowly flattening out, and I imagine it will be completely flat in the next 2 months. It could be worse - if I had an outie I'd have a third nipple poking out when I wear fitted shirts and THAT would be weird. I think I would have taped it down :-)

And finally, check out what I have to deal with when I shower (I took this picture from the bathtub). 2 Furry creatures insist on watching and waiting for me; maybe they like the sound of the water or the smell of the soap, because when I get out to dry myself they lose interest (shut up Julian, whatever comment was running through your head). I wonder if they'll want to watch me bathing peanut...

2 more weeks to go till the England gang gets here. 2 more months till "TIA MARIA" woo! (TIO JULIAN hehehe). Jaime just made me realize last night, that my baby may one day be a "TIA MIA" hehehe. Ay ay ay.

Next Dr. visit is the 7th August. I had a dream that Jaime went to adopt a girl and came home with a boy instead, so I hope this doesn't mean we'll see a winkie or Grandma will throw a fit. I think I would find it highly amusing and not care either way. Boys can wear pink nowadays anyway heheh :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Still a girl!

I had my latest Dr. visit on Wednesday, and he claimed to have a better view of peanut's nether regions and still says she's a girl :-) Apparently she's still in a seated breech position, so she better get her buns moving. My co-worker says that she has no sense of direction like her mom :-\

So Jaime's been here for a week and it's been good so far. The only thing is that I've been having mood swings, where little issues seem like huge deals to me. So far my office chair broke, perfume broke, fan got wobbly, gate broke and dogs ran out. I reacted to each one 100X worse than usual, but Jaime is very patient and sweet and it's my policy to always say sorry if I know I was a beewax for no reason. Jaime's been a trooper and I especially appreciate the dishwashing!! Here is a pic of my current mood (scowly). Peanut, that is we will look at you when you're naughty and you shall quake in your bunny slippers and immediately cease your actions.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

WTF? Giant Water Beetle!

Last night around 9pm, Jaime and I were sitting on the sofa and he had a plate on a pillow resting on his lap, getting ready to eat. Suddenly I saw this huuuuge bug sitting on the pillow with claws raised up over the plate and I squeaked!!! Now, I'm not afraid of insects but this sucker was the size of my hand (no exaggeration) and had mean-looking pincer legs.

He shook it out on the outside veranda, where I took some pics (of course). I thought it looked like a huge water bug, and after Googling this morning, I was right - a GIANT water beetle. Apparently they can give a mean sting!! Good thing I noticed it in time before it stung Jaime, or even worse MEEEE!!! As Malena would have said..."that's life in the tropics." :-)

Be sure to click the photo to see just how mean it really looks. I think I'll call it Ripley. He (she) is still in the garden somewhere.
"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." -- Anon